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Dette er et arkiv over inaktive diskusjoner fra Wikinytt-diskusjon:Forside. Venligst ikke gjør endringer her. Ønsker du å fortsette en gammel diskusjon, ta det opp på den aktive diskusjonssiden.
Arkivert: 4. feb 2008 kl. 19:22 (CET)

Proposal (vote) to close Norwegian Wikinews[rediger]

There is a vote here to close down Norwegian Wikinews (this project). (Also votes to close other projects.) I think every page on this project should have a link to that vote. See how Kenuri Wikipedia has a big sign on its Main Page, telling people about the vote to close it down. See how Simple English Wikiquote has a small sentence at the top of every page, telling people about the vote to close it down. I think you should put signs like that on pages of this project. Also, please vote. You do not have to speak English to vote. You need to log in to Meta. You can vote "Support" if you want to close Norwegian Wikinews, or "Oppose" if you do not want Norwegian Wikinews to be closed. You can put a comment in any language, and you should sign your username. I apologize that I don't speak Norwegian. Please translate this message or tell people on this project to vote. Thanks. --Coppertwig 3. jan 2007 kl. 03:11 (CET)