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Please note that there is a debate about closing this wiki. It can be found at Meta. --NeuerNutzer2009 (diskusjon) 26. mar 2013 kl. 11:43 (CET)

There are some people that wants to close projects (m:Talk:Proposals for closing projects#Close Wikinews completely, all languages?) and now its Norwegian Wikinews turn (m:Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Norwegian (bokmål) Wikinews). As long as there are no really bad content in a project I don't think there is any real problem in keeping the project. If we are going to close the project we need some real arguments, not just that the project has little activity (or no activity). We should also at least figure out if there is anyone that want to make an attempt on keeping it alive. Perhaps something for students in journalism (en:Wikinews:UoW 2011 student contributions)? — Jeblad 5. apr 2013 kl. 02:38 (CEST)
The proposal was rejected. --MF-Warburg (diskusjon) 14. jul 2013 kl. 04:02 (CEST)