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Our policies[rediger]


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  1. Undlad at promovere et bestemt synspunkt selv hvis det er vitenskapeligt bevist eller alment accepteret. Reportér blot, and explain it along with disagreements.
  2. Omgjør ikke den samme artikel mere end tre gange indenfor 24 timer. Dette er et 'sikkerhedsnet' der har til formål at forhindre 'edit-wars'.
  3. Citér dine kilder. Alt (undtagen det åbenlyse) i en Wikinytt artikel skal kunne bekræftes, og du skal fortælle dine læsere hvor du har fundet din information.
  4. Undgå ophavsret violation.
  5. Opfør dig respektfuldt overfor andre


Conventions are widely accepted tools by which we produce more consistent and usable articles:

Restricted features[rediger]

Some features of the software which could potentially be misused, such as deleting pages and locking pages from editing, are restricted to Administrators, who are experienced and trusted members of the community. Policies particularly relevant to administrators include:

Other policies[rediger]

Using source from Wikipedia[rediger]

Convention: Wikipedia articles are released under the GNU Free Document License -- content cannot be copied verbatim from Wikipedia as its license is incompatible with CC-BY.

How are policies created?[rediger]


Most Wikinews policies are developed through consensus. Consensus might be developed through discussion and polls, but more often it develops through established practice. In most cases the policy is not even written formally, but is simply the community norms which have developed over time.

Discussions are good to find out available options, and their merits and demerits. They also have the merit of giving an incentive for people to look for a reasonable compromise. Polls are good to decide on issues when it is largely a matter of taste or belief.

Both decisions are binding, in the sense they result in consensus. You should respect the community consensus.


Policy issues may be addressed in the Wikinews namespace, especially through the Water cooler, and on Talk pages. Issues may also be discussed in IRC and the e-mail list, but official policy can only be made on Wikinews itself. If a policy might be controversial, it should be discussed and consensus reached before being written and linked here. Consider the guidelines at Wikipedia:How to create policy.

Changing a policy[rediger]

Policies change. When you present good reason to change a policy, and others agree, the change will happen.

Please don't bring up previously discussed policy changes until a new situation (technical environment, project's reputation, etc.) suggests revisiting old questions. Another justification for re-opening a discussion may be a significant change in the project's participant; some changing their mind, new people coming in or old ones leaving.


All participants are equal. If you are a good faith participant to Wikinews, your opinion counts as much as others.

For practical reasons, people participating without an account may be excluded from polls, but usually not from discussions.


You are a member of our community, and are empowered to edit articles and enforce Wikinews policies. You will follow policies and guidelines in correcting problems in content and format, improving them where you can.

But please do not bite newbies, and always show respect and kindness.

If you see what you feel is a serious breach of policy, report the matter at WN:ALERT.


The Wikinews:Policies and guidelines are fundamentally based on the Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines.